Are you ready to dive deeper into the most important relationship you will ever have? Ready to expand your awareness and deepen your inner understanding of allowing yourself to be in alignment with the true nature of you and experience empowerment of being You?

You can increase your sense of:

  • Infinite Self Love
  • Deep Self Appreciation
  • Full Self Acceptance
  • Complete Compassion
  • Lasting Self Worth
  • Value yourself more strongly and bring your vibration back to a centered state

You can create, manifest and experience an empowered life; make a positive difference in your life; experience joy and fulfillment within yourself, peace with your family and the world, all while living within your freedom, joy, passion…

Are you ready to Live the Adventure of a Lifetime – Your Lifetime?

I am an Intuitive Healer Guide, Aspect Alchemist, LightWeaver sharing my Horse sense abilities to Track Energy and Shift Consciousness. Navigating and inspiring you into embracing abilities that you may have never realized you had.

If you’re ready to Live your Dream with enthusiasm for your Journey, Love your Life knowing how you can and do create it, you’re in the right place!

My unique individualized Sol-utions will guide you with experiences and tools that shift stuck energies and perceptions that lift projections, expanding consciousness that releases pain and the scary stuff – integrating the energetic flow within your Cellular and Soul-ular levels. Offered by phone, hands on – heart to heart (in person), or with the HorseHealing Gateway Family.

If you’re ready to:

  • Celebrate being comfortable in your own Body;
  • Playfully take the lead in your life, radiating joy that is deeply rooted in the Wisdom from  your Soul;
  • Change your course of self-sabotaging behaviors to move beyond your ‘Familiar Chain of Pain’ and be Free of it;
  • Embrace all aspects of your Self – the perceived good, the bad the ugly;
  • Authentically stand, in your truth, speaking from your heart;
  • Transcend the trajectory of your life, focused with clarity, to dream your dream alive
  • Courageously confront and quiet the inner chatter – to stop feeding the monkey the same bananas!
  • Laugh more! Giddy with enthusiasm, guided by the beacon of your HeartLight, living your Soul in human form.

Then call me, Let’s chat…  Contact me HERE or (520) 682-4447

    • I am Thrilled

      I sought Vicki out when I realized I felt nothing after I found out my mother was dying. Through Vicki’s healing gifts and soul work, she has guided me to reach deep, to feel into my heart and I found me. I am so thrilled for others to have access to her work with the… Continue »

    • In Humble Gratitude

      “If you are feeling small, disrespected, not heard, not seen, not loved, not in control of your own life and just plain tired of the “same old stuff” I recommend Vicki. Simply put, this is a process that Vicki can guide you through like no other I have ever worked with. In one session I… Continue »