There is a space between and beyond words that open New Pathways of Communication and a New Earth. It all starts within you and the energy awaits to meet you there…
Welcome to HorseHealing Gateway, we’re glad you’re here!

Vicki Talvi-Cole
Bridging your Soul within your Cells

A created space for you, allowing you to safely “Be” in and experience Lighter Realms of Consciousness within yourself.

A sense of expansion with Applied Consciousness Entrainment:

  • To live in lighter dimensions of experience
  • To experience lighter emotional energies for communication
  • To awaken new senses, knowing your connection to everything
  • To allow and experience how all energies serve You as conscious a Beings and how You can choose

We – Vicki, the WindHorse Family, along with Nature and your personal guides gather and create a bridge for you. We walk with you as you’re lead along a path towards the light-filled realms of the New Earth.

Vicki provide’s the stepping stones, guiding, healing/teaching, and leading you as Horse nudges you across the old conditioning of the human framework of communication.

The old stories, bound to the energetics of mental, emotional, physical, and for some – spiritual – fall away; disappearing with each step you take, becoming lighter as you move into the more golden pastures toward the temple of your heart.

A celebration, a welcome home as you ‘relax into’ your Natural Transcendent state of Wellbeingness. Within you feel the aliveness of Life flowing to, through and moving you:

  • Energies that are spacious, rich and enriching
  • A natural smile forms, the pains of separation, conflicts and battles have liquefied
  • You drink in the distilled sweet elixir of Wisdom from your Soul

New awareness rise up to the surface as you discover, connect into remembering, knowing yourSelf,
uncovering abilities and truer ‘feelings and senses’ that you may have never known you had.

You embrace joy: Sustainable Joy. You have stepped through your gateways with Knowingness;
freedom from human limitations into how to consciously create and manifest beyond what you have yet imagined.

We offer many one-of-a-kind, personalized healing teaching experiences that will change your life, guiding you to step toward your own mastery and growth. All are uniquely effective for the unique Spirit in Human form – YOU!

Different styles of sessions are tailored for you to engage in and to embrace the New Energies, Pathways of Communication, beyond words, bringing you into Living from your Own Point of Presence, Walking within Ones own Beauty of Spirit.

HorseHealing Gateway’s physical location is NW Tucson Arizona at WindHorse Ranch:  A place created with graceful guidance to transition, transcend and transform. An invitation to open your Heart, to know yourself and learn your Souls language thru partnering with WindHorse Family or without the WindHorse Family.

You’re invited to step beyond –
Open New Pathways into… Freedom, Joy, Passion…