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About Sessions

All sessions are explorational experiences, teachings that guide you into consciously communicating within yourself, with the different parts of Selves, allowing you to know yourSelf. Uplifting you into how you can manage and navigate your own personal energies. Triumphantly, Walking in your own Beauty of Spirit!|

Each style of sessions offers experiences that Open New Pathways of Communication/Energies via the human brain and energy fields into a sense of spacious expansiveness with Applied Consciousness Entrainment:

  • To live in lighter dimensions
  • To experience lighter emotional energies for communication
  • To feel/sense and know you’re connection to everything and It all comes to You
  • To understand and experience how all energies serve You as a conscious Being and how you can choose

Leading you with words as a rope that guides you around the rocky outcroppings into coves of peace, expanding Fields of Awareness as you experience communication beyond the words.

At first they seem like ‘feelings’, yet as you delve deeper into this practice you will be able to describe and name the nuances of energy that humans use to communicate telepathically.

Sessions offered are designed as…
Sacred, private, personalized, intimate, intuitively guided healing teachings. Organic inner-active explorations filled with experiences honoring you returning to your Souls Joy of Expression. Each allows your natural progression that aligns and creates harmonic rhythmic resonance, balance and wellbeing.

  • Elements or styles for each healing teaching sessions experiences are different.
  • Processes that fit your personal sacredness and honors your uniqueness
  • Raises your Point of Presence that you rise with.
  • Provides guidance and clears the way into your natural state of Joy.
  • Remembrance of who you are; tools, skills and abilities that transcend the denser gravitational pull of stagnate energies from your personal matrix and mass consciousness matrix.

You’ll find, discover your own Gateways…
Depending on the energies within the moment is what guides. There is no format, it is not a linear time path, only a flow, a circular movement onto a multidimensionality spiraling path.

A stepping up and out, beyond the densities of the old foundations of 3rd dimensional separation games and habits. Into and through the 4th dimensional filled with conscious Choice. Landing in 5th dimensional with ‘Intentional Feeling for Conscious Creation’ manifesting your reality and a New Earth.

The WindHorse Family and I encourage you to check back often to our website for new offering that will enhance your abilities and capabilities to transform your life with Freedom, Joy & Passion…