Lift out of Repetitive Thoughts – Dissolving Stories
Entrainment into Higher Mind
Saturday, March 10, 2019
One Day Experience to lift and shift

This offering opens the gateways to go beyond human limitations and overwhelm. Expanding and lifting you out of the pesky 3d loops within repetitive thoughts including the dissolving of unwieldy stories and release of memories that can hold you back.

Provides guidance into conscious intending and freeing yourself from looping fear patterns. Like an old cassette tape player, the cassette can do nothing without the player, the fear.

You’ll be led across the shifting sands gently nudged by WindHorse Family, inviting you to raise your frequencies and create New Pathways into your Higher Mind as New Pathways of Communication open. This experience is an entrainment that offers 4d tools that removes the fear that provides the foundation. If there is no fear, the loop cannot run (the stories made from prior experiences.)

An amazingly simple experience that provides techniques and guides you into a sense of expansion enabling you to flip the switch that raises your point of perceptions and lifts stifling projections.

9:30 am – 2:30 pm
March 10, 2018


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Add aside of Sustainable Joy
with Sol Star Touch

Light touch for deeper cellular clearing that Bridges your Soul with your Cells providing integration within your energy bodies, assisting lighter connections and nurturance that opens and expands New Pathways for Sustainable Joy.

Before a session – Assists the process as a way to set the brain up for the transformation that takes place with Partnering with WindHorse experience.


After a session – Assists with keeping your new pathways open. Tune-ups that keeps the pathways for the new modalities of communication open and operating, as they tend to clog up, shut down and revert if not used.

45 min.