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Saturday, February 23, 2019
You’re invited to WindHorse Ranch to…
Experience the Wilder Vibes Gong Meditation
with the WindHorse Family in Nature

An intimate experiential Gathering & Celebration Sound Journey with the WindHorse Family. Treat yourself to a Uniquely Effective adventure with a Personalized One-on-One Journey Experience!

Come, join us in this one of a kind heart opening collaboration with the WindHorses & Sound Frequencies of the Gongs, co-facilitated by Vicki Talvi-Cole and Teri Wilder sharing there intuitive wisdom.

Be our guest in an Indescribable Transcending Experience within a natural environment that moves you beyond the thinking mind and into your more relaxed, balanced, expanded Natural State of Beingness.

Experience for yourself! Receiving and giving to yourself with this amazing journey through sound frequencies & vibrations of the gongs combined with the Wise & Healing WindHorse Family. This is a powerful healing medicine you can receive. It’s healing, transformation and transcendence at its finest!

Join Us! Experience yourself Experiencing your Self!!

Time: 10 am – 3 pm          Fee: $150

     ~RSVP & Driving Directions & What to Bring ~
email: Vicki@VickiTalvi-Cole.com
Text or Call: 520-682-4447

Teri Wilder, Gong Master, Singer, Songwriter and Certified Sound Healer & Reiki Master. Teri is dedicated to restoring balance and bringing resonance to the vibrations of Earth and Humans through her music, sound and loving energy, assisting us to embody the deeper Soulful Joy remembrance within our heart.


Add aside of Sol Star Touch

Light touch for deeper cellular clearing that Bridges your Soul with your Cells providing integration within all your energy bodies, assisting lighter connections and nurturance that opens and expands New Pathways of Communication.

Before a session – Assists the process as a way to set the brain up for the transformation that takes place with Partnering with WindHorse experience.


After a session – Assists with keeping your new pathways open. Tune-ups that keeps the pathways for the new modalities of communication open and operating, as they tend to clog up, shut down and revert if not used.

45 min.

Contact to schedule

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