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Partnering with Horse

You’re invited to experience Partnering with WindHorse Family! Experience New Fields of Awareness rising up to the surface as you discover and connect within yourSelf, uncovering abilities and truer senses that you may have never known you had.

Experience this for yourself, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can step beyond your personal gates into the amazing energies that the WindHorse Family offer you to receive – Filled with expansion, transformation and transcending that are, at times ineffable to express.

Initiation Journey Session

Into the WindHorse Family Initiation Journey Session are for those who haven’t yet experienced the profound transformations that takes place through partnering with Vicki & The WindHorse Family. It is the first place to start and experience, for yourself, transformation at it’s finest.

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Single Journey Sessions

These are for all that have experienced Initiation Journey Experience with the WindHorse Family.  Single Journey Experiences are offerings for you to continue to receive and expand into your fuller potentiality in a new profound way.

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