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Sessions without Partnering WindHorse

HorseHealing Gateway offers two different styles for you to heal, learn, grow and transform without WindHorse Family being present. Each are uniquely individualized offerings for you to choose from.

Because there is truly no separation, just as your personal guides may not ‘appear’ to be present in physical form, they are with you. They are always present supporting you no matter what is taking place within your life creations.

Partnering without the WindHorse Family by Phone or Hands on Clearing experiences, a bridge is created. Meaning, during our time together I am also in connection with my WindHorse Family, as well as fully tuned into you and your personal guides that adore and support you.

Phone Experiences

Phone experiences allows for those who live outside the WindHorse Ranch area to grow, learn and heal, experiencing themSelves in a different way.

Many clients regularly schedule phone sessions, discovering abilities with new capabilities bubbling up from within their own spiritual growth, integration and mastery within their expansive Souls expressions.

You’ll be led and you’ll take the lead as you glide with gracefulness into knowing yourSelf intimately; experiencing New Pathways of Communication Opening and living your creations within the lighter realms of a new Earth reality.

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Hands on Cellular Clearing Experience

As Nature shows us, when a rivers flow is blocked, toxins build and the wholeness of life decreases. The landscape becomes stained and in some cases scared. The same happens within your personal energy bodies; the physical, mental, emotional and for some spiritual.

Clients frequently express that this style of hands on healing provides profound clarity that increases expressions of health, vitality and balance, plus cellular and soul-ular connection and nurturance.

Experience healing at it’s finest! Where all levels of your energy bodies are addressed!

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